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We continue producing those same quality pastries — but at a much larger volume.

That first production facility in Lester, Iowa, consisted of one small room; Pete’s children would come in after school to help package pastries. Thirty years later, we at Dutchland Foods have since grown and moved into a state-of-the-art production facility in the same Iowa town.

Our family founded Dutchland Foods in 1992 when Pete and Susan Van Wyhe, and Pete’s parents, Wayne and Jennie Van Wyhe, began creating quality pastries using family recipes and the best ingredients available.

Today our company employs more than 70 dedicated employees. Pete is still very active in the business today, and Pete’s three sons help run the day-to-day operations, including developing new products, working with customers, and quality assurance.

As the business grew, the Dutchland Foods family grew as well.

The Dutchland team is committed to our family values, keeping work spaces clean and safe, and producing the highest-quality pastries. Four generations of the Van Wyhe family play a hands-on role in management and production.

Dutchland Foods - Generations of Quality

Four generations of Van Wyhes have worked to create a family legacy at Dutchland Foods.

Pete’s grandchildren spend their summers working in production alongside the rest of the team, making Dutchland a fourth-generation family legacy.

Today Pete works as Dutchland Food’s CEO, and his sons, Mychal, Monty, and Malachi, are in charge of daily business.

“Our entire business is built on quality and customer satisfaction. We were raised to always strive for the best, and that same spirit penetrates every aspect of our business.”

“The values that come to mind when thinking of our family business are faith, hard work, diligence, strict attention to detail, integrity, being willing to admit it when we are wrong, and perseverance.”

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