Each pastry has hundreds of thin layers of pastry goodness, making them a melt in your mouth experience every time! They are gooey and sticky in the package, but delicious out of the oven. Each 23.5-ounce package of ButterHearts contains 12 servings and includes two icing packets for a little extra sweetness!

What Are ButterHearts?

ButterHearts are made from delicious, artisan style puff pastry.


We Guarantee the Best Quality Every Time

ButterHearts are unique and different from so many other fundraising products because they are not available anywhere on the retail market. This maximizes the profit potential of your local fundraiser!
No thawing, no rising overnight, no prior preparation required. The Butterheartss are for those special, spontaneous moments when you, your family, or your friends crave a great pastry treat.

 Freezer-To-Oven Easy!

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Raspberry Cream 

chocolate chip cream

Classic Sugar 

Each package of the Butterhearts product contains 12 portioned pastries. Simply break off one or two for yourself or several more if you're serving an army of little people.

Flavor Variations

Oven temperatures do vary, so adjust baking time, accordingly, relying on appearance rather than time.

Let ButterHearts cool and then place on a serving tray.

 Cut corner of frosting packet and drizzle over ButterHearts. Enjoy!


 As soon as the edges turn a light golden color, they are sufficiently baked.
The centers will still appear soft, but this is normal.
ButterHearts will firm up once they cool.
If you desire a crispier texture, bake ButterHearts for additional time until the centers are
also golden. 


ButterHearts may be gooey and sticky in the package but no worries; they’ll be DELICIOUS out of the oven!

 Bake 1 to 5 ButterHearts for 12-16 minutes, and 6 to 12 ButterHearts for 14-18 minutes.


Preheat oven to 400° F (375° F convection oven).
Break off the desired number of ButterHearts (or cut apart with a table knife if fully frozen) and place them about 3”-4” apart on a
lightly greased or parchment-lined, non-insulated metal pan.


baking instructions

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