Each pastry has hundreds of thin layers of pastry goodness and a scrumptious sweet filling to make them one of the best pastries you have ever eaten. Each 24-ounce package of Pastry Puffins contains 12 servings and includes an icing packet for a little extra sweetness!

What are Pastry Puffins? Pastry Puffins are made from delicious, artisan-style puff pastry. 


We Guarantee the Best Quality Every Time

Pastry Puffins are different from so many other fundraising products because they are not available anywhere on the retail market. This maximizes the profit potential of your local fundraiser!

Pastry Puffins are conveniently portioned, and freezer-to-oven easy!

Want to start a Fundraiser using Pastry Puffins? 


blueberry cream




cream cheese


No thawing, no rising overnight, no prior preparation required. The Pastry Puffins are for those special, spontaneous moments when you, your family, or your friends crave a great pastry treat. Check out all our flavors! 

Wonderful Flavors


What our clients have said

- Blair High School FBLA, Blair, NE

“You will have customers who will be asking you "When are you selling Pastry Puffins?" It is always nice to have people want the product you will be selling. ”

- Lakeview High School Viking Voices, Columbus, NE

“Selling the Pastry Puffins™ for our Show Choir is the easiest fundraiser we do. The Pastry Puffins™ sell themselves.”

-Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Aberdeen, SD

“We have patrons who start to ask at the beginning of the year when we are doing our fundraiser. The Pastry Puffins are very delicious, and the members of our church enjoy that we share samples with them while the fundraiser is being held.”

Cut corner of frosting packet and drizzle over Pastry Puffins, and Enjoy!

Step 4

Oven temperatures do vary, so adjust baking time accordingly relying on appearance rather than time).

Let Pastry Puffins cool and then place on a serving tray.

 (Caution: fillings remain extremely HOT
for up to fifteen minutes after baking).

Step 3

 Bake 1-4 Pastry Puffins for 16-22 minutes

Bake 5-8 Pastry Puffins for 18-25 minutes

Bake 9-12 Pastry Puffins for 20-28 minutes

Pastry Puffins should be golden brown on the top
and puffed up.

Step 2

Place oven rack in the middle position. Preheat oven to 400° F (oven must be fully preheated).
Break off the desired number of Pastry Puffins
and place them on a lightly greased or parchment-lined, non-insulated metal pan.

Step 1

baking instructions

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