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We provide a one stop shop solution for our Private Label Clients. From idea conception to custom packaging and design- we do it all. Our in-house expert R&D team will work with you to create your product just as you envisioned.  

Dutchland Foods provides custom food manufacturing for Puff Pastries, Sweet & Savory Pastries, Danish dough, Sweet dough, Croissant Dough and more. 

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Delicate French croissant pastries made with European-style butter, elevated with sweet and savory fillings

Croissant Pastries

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Classic Danish pastries made with our rich and tender Danish dough formulation

Danish Pastries

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Light, flaky puff pastries made with the highest quality ingredients and fillings

Puff Pastries

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We pride ourselves in providing a consistent, high-quality experience to our clients, every time. From idea conception, R&D creation, custom labeling and packaging to the finished product; we are with you every step of the way.
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Reliably consistent products, with superior flavor, aimed to impress.

"We have been using Dutchland's Croissant Dough, Palmier, and Cinnamon Roll Dough since 2018. The product quality is unparalleled."


Brooke edwards  – bakery director sunset foods, HIGHLAND PARK, IL 

" I use this dough for many applications from Napoleons to turnovers, and Cream Horns. I have never had quality issues with this product. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who uses pre-made Puff Pastry Dough."


Michael Harman – Universal Studios,
Orlando Florida

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