For over 30 years, Dutchland Foods of Lester, Iowa, has created delicious, premium pastry products. Our fundraising products continue to be a hit with local communities that are looking to raise funds for various groups and charities. Since we opened the doors to Dutchland Foods in 1992, fundraising has been an important part of what we do. We love helping others raise money for good causes while producing a great product that customers love.

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Fundraising dealers throughout the country enjoy huge success when they add our brands to their lineup. Our Pastry Puffins, ButterHearts, and PuffCrust Pizza are unique, top-tier products in the fundraising industry. They are only available through Dutchland Fundraising — leading to repeat and bulk orders from people who love our pastries! If you want to sell a unique product, contact us today to learn more about becoming an exclusive distributor of our brands in your area.

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Are you an entrepreneur thinking of starting your own business? Being a Dutchland Fundraising dealer is both exciting and rewarding. We provide all of the training you need to start a successful fundraising business — including an all-inclusive, live training program at our factory.

As a fundraising dealer, you’ll enjoy the flexibility of being your own boss and taking charge of your schedule while earning a profitable income. All the while, you will be helping others help themselves by raising money for groups and charities.

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Dutchland Foods (makers of the Pastry Puffins and PuffCrust Pizza) is sponsoring a nation-wide sales contest that pays cash prizes for the top five sellers of the Pastry Puffins and PuffCrust Pizza in the Spring 2024 Fundraising Season (January 1st-July 1st 2024) Super Seller prizes are as follows:
1st: $500, 2nd $400, 3rd $300, 4th $200, 5th $100

The Super Seller list will be updated weekly on this website, so check the site to see how many units you will need to sell to get the prize money!

 (Prizes only go to individual sellers!)

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Our quality products ensure that fundraising programs do well year after year!

Each pastry product is flaky, delicious, and bursting with flavor because it has been created with only high-quality ingredients like European-style butter and unbleached flour. Customers also love the freezer-to-oven ease of our products. There is no need to thaw and rise overnight, simply bake in the oven straight from the freezer. Our pastries truly sell themselves, and everyone who gives them a try ends up wanting more.

The Pastries

ButterHearts are beautiful, flaky, heart-shaped puff pastries. The filling is available in four different delicious flavors — classic sugar, raspberry cream, cinnamon, and chocolate chip cream; icing is included for added sweetness. Each package of ButterHearts comes with 12 pre-portioned pastries that you can break off and bake one at a time, or all at once! Enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth delight of ButterHearts any time with freezer-to-oven ease.


Pastry Puffins are light, flaky, and delicious artisan-style puff pastries. Each Pastry Puffin is filled with one of our seven irresistible sweet fillings — apple, blueberry cream, caramel, cherry, cinnamon, cream cheese, or strawberry cream. Each package comes with 12 servings that you can break off and put directly into the oven from the freezer. As the final touch, drizzle the included icing over the pastry for a delicious treat! You won’t find anything like Pastry Puffins in the fundraising market or at the grocery store.

Pastry Puffins

Our Fundraising Brands


- Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Aberdeen, SD

“We have patrons who start to ask at the beginning of the year when we are doing our fundraiser. The Puff Pastries are very delicious, and the members of our church enjoy that we share samples with them while the fundraiser is being held.”

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