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Get ready to embark on a mouthwatering adventure with Dutchland Foods’ Turnover pastries. Imagine sinking your teeth into a heavenly apple turnover, a juicy strawberry turnover, or a delectable blueberry turnover. At Dutchland, we take pride in crafting these divine treats using only the finest natural ingredients, resulting in a truly exceptional culinary experience. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a delightful journey through the history of turnovers, explore what makes Dutchland stand out, and show you why our pastries are a must-have for high-end chefs, bakeries, and grocery stores.

A Brief Look Back in Time: Turnovers have been captivating taste buds for centuries, and their fascinating story dates back to the Middle Ages. These delectable pastries, initially known as “friars,” were a hit among medieval monks, thanks to their portable size. As time passed, turnovers evolved, with each region adding its own unique flair and mouthwatering fillings.

Dutchland’s Passion for Quality: When it comes to creating the perfect turnover, Dutchland Foods leaves no stone unturned. Our commitment to quality sets us apart, as we believe that the best pastries come from using natural ingredients. This dedication ensures that every bite is a testament to our craftsmanship and culinary expertise.

The Art of Flaky Puff Pastry: Prepare to be enchanted by Dutchland’s flaky puff pastry, the heart and soul of our Turnover pastries. Our master bakers meticulously fold layers of dough and butter, resulting in a light, airy texture that’s simply irresistible. With each bite, you’ll experience the delicate balance between crispness and tenderness that has made our puff pastry a true sensation.

Tantalizing Fillings Bursting with Flavor: Close your eyes and savor the moment as Dutchland’s Turnover pastries transport you to a world of delectable flavors. Our apple turnovers feature perfectly spiced, succulent apples, evoking feelings of comfort and nostalgia. Bite into our peach turnovers, and you’ll be greeted with juicy peaches that offer a burst of natural sweetness. And when it comes to our blueberry turnovers, we’re proud to say that we use real, plump blueberries to infuse every pastry with a burst of berry goodness.

FTO – Freezer to Oven Convenience: Busy kitchens rejoice! Dutchland understands the demands of your fast-paced environment. That’s why we’ve made our Turnover pastries conveniently FTO-ready, or Freezer to Oven. Simply grab a package, pop them in the oven, and within minutes, you’ll have freshly baked turnovers that taste like they were made from scratch. Enjoy the ease and convenience without compromising on the exceptional quality and flavors that Dutchland is known for.

Perfect for High-End Chefs, Bakeries, and Grocery Stores: We know that culinary excellence is a top priority for high-end chefs, bakeries seeking to impress, and grocery stores catering to discerning customers. Dutchland Foods is thrilled to offer our Turnover pastries as the ultimate addition to your menu or product selection. With our pastries, you can be confident that you’re offering your customers a premium, indulgent experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Dutchland Foods’ Turnover pastries are a pure delight for your taste buds. Our commitment to using natural ingredients, creating flaky puff pastry, and packing our turnovers with mouthwatering fillings ensures an unrivaled culinary experience. Whether you’re a chef aiming to elevate your dessert menu or a bakery or grocery store looking to impress your customers, Dutchland Turnover pastries are the perfect choice. Get ready to treat yourself and your customers to a world of irresistible goodness!

What if you had a secret weapon that was not only delightfully delicious but also exclusive, easy to prepare, and offered great profit margins for your next Fundraiser? Enter the Pastry Puffins and ButterHearts from Dutchland Foods – your secret weapon to fundraising success!

Let’s look at why these pastries should be your go-to for your next fundraiser:

1. Exclusivity That Creates Demand

What makes Pastry Puffins and ButterHearts so special? They are exclusive to the fundraising market. You won’t find these delicacies on retail shelves, which creates a demand that boosts sales during fundraising events. People buy in bulk, eager to stock up on their favorite pastries while they have the chance.

2. Convenience is Key

Pastry Puffins and ButterHearts are the epitome of convenience. No need to thaw or prep these goodies. They go straight from the freezer to the oven, making them a perfect fit for busy families and hectic event schedules.

3. Profitable and Practical

Apart from being irresistibly tasty, these pastries offer impressive profit margins for your organization. With an average group profit margin of 40%, Pastry Puffins and ButterHearts aren’t just a sweet treat – they’re a smart financial choice for your fundraiser.

4. All-Season All-Stars

While these pastries are a year-round hit, they’re particularly popular during the fall, winter, and spring seasons. Plus, they’re a must-have during holiday festivities. The delightful aroma of baking pastries is sure to draw a crowd!

5. Customer Support You Can Count On

Dutchland Foods connects eager customers with our trusted Dealers who can link them with active fundraisers. It’s a win-win situation: customers get their favorite pastries, and schools, churches, and organizations see their fundraising profits soar.

So, when planning your next fundraiser, consider the delicious and unique offerings of Pastry Puffins and ButterHearts from Dutchland Foods. They’re not just pastries – they’re a strategic choice for successful fundraising.

Looking to add these crowd-pleasing pastries to your fundraising line-up? Reach out to us at Dutchland Foods, and we’ll help you get started on your journey to a successful, and delicious, fundraiser.

Imagine this: the irresistible smell of pastries baking, the sound of an oven timer dinging, and the sight of golden, delicious treats ready to be devoured. Now imagine all this delight could help your school, church, or organization raise some serious dough. Too good to be true? Not with Dutchland Foods!

At Dutchland Foods, we’ve concocted a sweet recipe for fundraising success with our exclusive delights, Pastry Puffins and ButterHearts. These pastries aren’t your run-of-the-mill, find-’em-in-any-grocery-store kind of treat. Oh no, they’re fundraising superstars!

Here’s the scoop: these pastries are so special you can’t find them in retail stores. Talk about an exclusive VIP (Very Important Pastry) experience! This exclusivity creates a pastry frenzy during fundraising events as folks clamor to stock up while they can. It’s like the pastry equivalent of a doorbuster sale on Black Friday!

What makes these pastries even cooler is their ease of use. No thawing, no prep, just straight from your freezer to your oven. It’s as easy as pie… or should we say, as easy as Pastry Puffins and ButterHearts!

Our mailbox at Dutchland Foods is overflowing with requests from pastry aficionados wanting more. So, we act as a sort of pastry matchmaker, connecting eager customers with our trusted Dealers who then link them with active fundraisers. It’s like a baking version of a rom-com, where everyone gets their happily ever after, and the hero is a scrumptious pastry!

Here’s some more delicious news: these pastries aren’t just about pleasing your taste buds. They’re also about filling up your fundraising pot. With an impressive 40% profit margin for the average group, our pastries are more than just tasty – they’re a strategic choice for your fundraiser.

While these delightful pastries are a hit all year round, they turn into celebrities during the fall, winter, and spring seasons, especially during holiday festivities. Who wouldn’t want their house filled with the heavenly aroma of baking pastries during the holidays?

So, are you ready to add a fun, tasty twist to your fundraising efforts? Crank up the oven and get ready to bring in some serious funds with Dutchland Foods’ Pastry Puffins and ButterHearts. It’s not just about selling pastries; it’s about providing a unique experience that people can’t wait to be part of, all while contributing to a good cause.

Dutchland Foods, a trusted name in the world of baked goods, is excited to introduce their delectable Cinnamon and Raspberry Twists. Made with love and expertise, these artisan pastries are sure to captivate your taste buds. Whether you own a coffee shop, manage a retail chain, or are interested in private label products, Dutchland Foods’ Cinnamon and Raspberry Twists offer a delightful twist on classic treats that will leave your customers craving more.

Cinnamon Twist: A Classic Favorite Reinvented: Indulge in the timeless allure of the Cinnamon Twist. Dutchland Foods has perfected the art of creating a light and flaky puff pastry infused with the warming essence of cinnamon. Each bite delivers a delightful blend of sweetness and spice, making it the perfect companion for a morning coffee or an afternoon pick-me-up.

Raspberry Twist: A Burst of Fruity Delight: Experience the tangy sweetness of the Raspberry Twist. Dutchland Foods carefully blends the finest raspberries into a luscious filling, encased within their signature flaky puff pastry. The vibrant flavors of ripe raspberries burst onto your palate, creating a delightful balance of tartness and sweetness that will leave you craving more.

Both the Cinnamon and Raspberry Twists from Dutchland Foods are crafted using their renowned all-butter artisan puff pastry. This labor of love creates a light, airy texture that melts in your mouth, providing the perfect canvas for the distinctive flavors to shine through. With every bite, you’ll experience the delicate layers of pastry that are the hallmark of Dutchland Foods’ quality craftsmanship.

 Dutchland Foods understands the demands of the foodservice industry, which is why they’ve made their Cinnamon and Raspberry Twists freezer-to-oven (FTO) friendly. This means you can effortlessly serve these delectable pastries to your customers without compromising on taste or quality. Simply bake them from frozen, and within minutes, your customers will be treated to golden, flaky twists that taste like they were freshly made.

For businesses looking to create their own unique brand experience, Dutchland Foods offers private label opportunities for their Cinnamon and Raspberry Twists. Customize the packaging and branding to align with your business identity, providing your customers with an exclusive product that reflects your commitment to excellence.

With their all-butter artisan puff pastry and freezer-to-oven convenience, these twists are an excellent addition to coffee shops, retail chains, and private label offerings. Treat your customers to the irresistible flavors of Dutchland Foods’ Cinnamon and Raspberry Twists and elevate their pastry experience to new heights.

If you’re looking for a sweet and delicious pastry to add to your store or coffee shop, then Dutchland Foods has just the product for you. Our Classic Danish Buns are the perfect solution for customers who crave the classic taste of cinnamon rolls but don’t have the time or expertise to bake them from scratch.

The history of Danish pastry dates back to the 19th century, when an Austrian baker named August Zang moved to Denmark and introduced a new kind of pastry to the country. Zang’s pastries were made using a laminated dough, which involves folding butter into the dough multiple times to create multiple layers. This technique was revolutionary at the time and led to the creation of the modern-day Danish pastry.

Today, Danish pastries are enjoyed all over the world, and Dutchland Foods is proud to offer our own take on this classic treat. Our Classic Danish Buns are made with the same flaky, buttery dough that is characteristic of Danish pastry. The dough is then filled with a sweet, cinnamon-infused filling and topped with a delicious glaze that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

One of the best things about our Classic Danish Buns is that they are a freezer to oven option. This means that they can be stored in the freezer and baked on demand, making them perfect for retail stores and coffee shops. Customers can enjoy a warm, freshly baked Danish bun without having to wait for it to be prepared from scratch. This convenience is sure to be appreciated by busy customers who are always on the go.

Our Classic Danish Buns are not only delicious but also versatile. They can be served as a breakfast pastry, an afternoon snack, or even a dessert. They pair perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea, making them a great option for coffee shops and cafes.

In conclusion, Dutchland Foods’ Classic Danish Buns are the perfect addition to any store or coffee shop looking to offer a delicious and convenient pastry to its customers. With their rich history and versatile nature, these buns are sure to be a hit with customers of all ages. So why wait? Try our Classic Danish Buns today and discover the sweet and satisfying taste of Danish pastry!

If you’re craving a sweet, buttery pastry that’s perfect for any occasion, Dutchland Foods’ Palmiers pastry is the way to go! This classic French pastry is made with real butter and natural ingredients, and it’s sure to pack a big flavor punch that everyone will love.

Palmiers pastry, also known as the elephant ear pastry, originated in France in the 20th century. It’s believed to have been created by French bakers who were inspired by the shape of elephant ears. Since then, it has become a staple in French bakeries and cafes around the world.

At Dutchland Foods, we craft our Palmiers pastry with only the best ingredients. These pastries are carefully made to ensure a crispy, flaky texture and a delicate, buttery flavor that’s perfect for breakfast, brunch, or as a snack.

One of the great things about Palmiers pastry is that it’s incredibly versatile. Whether you enjoy it on its own, as a simple yet satisfying snack, or dressed up with toppings like fruit or whipped cream for a more indulgent treat, it’s sure to be a hit. And, it pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea!

We offer Palmiers pastry in two sizes: a large 4 oz. version and a smaller .75oz version. The smaller size is perfect for catering events, weddings, or as a treat for your customers in your bakery or cafe. The larger size is great for sharing with family and friends or as a centerpiece on a dessert platter.

So, why not add some French flair to your bakery or cafe with Dutchland Foods’ Palmiers pastry? If you’re interested in incorporating them into your store or bakery, please reach out to us! Our team will be more than happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have.

When the days get chilly and you’re craving a warm, satisfying meal, there’s nothing quite like a homemade chicken pot pie made with Pappy’s Pie Dough. This scrumptious recipe is the perfect way to bring the family together around the table, sharing stories and smiles as you enjoy each delightful bite. With carrots, potatoes, peas, and onions all nestled together with tender chicken, you’ll be reminded of why this dish has been a favorite for generations. Choose to make a single casserole or individual pot pies – either way, the aroma wafting through your kitchen will have everyone eagerly anticipating dinner!


  • 2 pods Pappy’s Pie Dough, thawed but still chilled
  • 1 pound skinless, boneless chicken breast
  • 1 can (14.5 oz) chicken broth
  • 3 medium potatoes, peeled and diced
  • 3 cups carrots, peeled and diced
  • 1 package (9 oz) frozen peas and pearl onions
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch


  1. Start by ensuring your Pappy’s Pie Dough pods are thawed but still chilled for the perfect texture.
  2. Place the chicken breasts in a saucepan with the chicken broth and let them simmer until they’re fork-tender.
  3. Remove the chicken from the broth and add the diced carrots and potatoes. Cook them over low heat until they’re tender and full of flavor.
  4. Chop the chicken breasts into bite-size pieces and add them back into the simmering broth, carrot, and potato mixture.
  5. It’s time to bring in the frozen peas and pearl onions, stirring them in gently.
  • In a small bowl, mix the cornstarch with 1/2 cup of water, then pour it into the broth mixture to help thicken the filling to perfection.
  • If necessary, adjust the thickness of the filling with additional water. Remember, it will thicken slightly during baking. Once you have the perfect consistency, transfer the filling to a casserole dish or divide it among four individual serving pie dishes.
  • Preheat your oven to 425°F. Stack the two pods of Pappy’s Pie Dough and roll out the dough large enough to cover your casserole dish or individual pie dishes.
  • Gently lay the dough over the top of the casserole, fitting it just inside the rim. Fold the edges under and crimp them for a lovely, rustic appearance. Don’t forget to cut steam vents into the crust to ensure a crispy finish and prevent a messy oven!
  • Place the pot pie on the bottom oven rack and bake for approximately 20-25 minutes, or until the crust is a beautiful golden brown.
  • If you’re a planner, you’ll love that this chicken pot pie recipe can be prepared ahead of time and frozen for later baking. Simply follow the instructions up to step 9, then wrap and freeze. When you’re ready to enjoy, bake it according to step 10, adding a few extra minutes if needed.

This Pappy’s Pie Dough Chicken Pot Pie is sure to become a treasured recipe in your family’s collection. The combination of tender chicken, hearty vegetables, and flaky Pappy’s Pie Dough creates a symphony of flavors and textures that will leave everyone craving seconds. Whether you’re enjoying this comforting meal on a cozy night in, sharing it with friends at a potluck, or preparing it for a special family dinner, it’s guaranteed to warm hearts and fill bellies with happiness. So, gather your ingredients and start creating your own delicious memories with this classic comfort food dish!

Hey pastry fans, have you tried a Bear Claw Croissant? This sweet and flaky puff pastry has been a hit for over a hundred years! It all started with Austrian bakers who got inspired by the shape of a bear’s paw and called it “Bärentatze.” It’s made of a soft, yeasty dough filled with almond paste and sliced almonds.

In the USA, the Bear Claw Croissant is a popular spin-off that combines the classic bear claw flavors with the buttery, flaky texture of a croissant. It’s a mouthwatering mix of cultural traditions and deliciousness!

The Bear Claw is typically made with a tender and flavorful dough with an almond-flour based filling. However, for a softer texture, some bakers recommend using almond paste instead. Once the filling is in place, the pastry is topped with sugar and slivered almonds for a touch of sweetness.

Bear Claws can be made with a variety of fillings, such as cinnamon, cherry, apple, or cream cheese. At Dutchland Foods, we take pride in honoring the tradition of the Bear Claw Croissant by crafting each pastry with care, making sure it has the classic semi-circle shape and curved edge. We believe that food is not just about eating, it’s also about celebrating culture, tradition, and creativity.

So whether you’re a chef who wants to offer something unique to your customers or just a pastry lover in search of new flavors, come try the Bear Claw Croissant and experience the magic of culinary innovation and creativity!

If you’ve never heard of Kouign Amann (pronounced “kween ah-mahn”), you’re missing out on one of the most delicious French pastries out there. This Breton pastry is a caramelized, buttery treat that’s flaky and crispy on the outside, and soft and chewy on the inside.

Kouign Amann, which means “butter cake” in Breton, is made with only a few simple ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, and yeast. The dough is rolled out and layered with butter and sugar, then folded into a square or circle shape. It’s then baked until the sugar and butter caramelize and the pastry is crispy and golden brown.

Legend has it that the Kouign Amann was invented by accident in the 19th century by a baker who was in a rush and accidentally mixed up the ingredients for his bread dough with butter and sugar. Luckily for us, he decided to bake the dough anyway and the result was a delicious new pastry that has become a staple in French bakeries and cafes.

Kouign Amann can be enjoyed at any time of the day, but it’s especially popular for breakfast or as a mid-morning snack with a cup of coffee or tea. It’s also a perfect dessert to serve after a dinner party or special occasion.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try making Kouign Amann at home, there are plenty of recipes and tutorials available online. Just be warned, it’s not the easiest pastry to make and requires some patience and skill. But with its delicious, buttery flavor and crispy, flaky texture, the effort is well worth it.

Once you’ve fallen in love with the delicious, buttery flavor of Kouign Amann, you’ll be happy to know that Dutchland Foods can create many different flavors and fillings of this delectable pastry for your in-store bakery or wholesale needs. Whether you’re looking for classic butter and sugar, or more unique flavors like raspberry, chocolate, or apple, we can customize our Kouign Amann to fit your needs.

At Dutchland Foods, we believe that the Kouign Amann is a pastry that everyone should have the chance to enjoy, and we’re happy to help bring this delicious treat to your customers.

So if you’re interested in adding Kouign Amann to your in-store bakery or wholesale offerings, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team of expert bakers and pastry chefs will work with you to create the perfect pastry for your needs. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

Apple pie is a classic dessert that is enjoyed all year round, but especially during the fall season. If you’re looking for an old-fashioned apple pie recipe that will remind you of grandma’s baking, then this is the recipe for you. In this recipe, we use Pappy’s Pie Dough, which is a pre-made pie crust that is easy to use and produces a flaky crust that is perfect for apple pie. We recommend using tart baking apples such as Haralson or Granny Smith for the best results.


  • 4 pods of Pappy’s Pie Dough, thawed but still chilled
  • 5-7 tart baking apples
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • Dash of salt
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
  • 2 tablespoons butter


  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F. Ensure your Pappy’s Pie Dough Crusts are thawed, but still chilled.
  2. For each crust (top and bottom), roll out on a floured surface to about 12” in diameter and ¼” thick. (You’ll likely need more than one pod for each crust if you are using a deep dish pie tin).
  3. Place the bottom crust in a 9″ pie pan with the crust overlapping the sides.
  4. Core and pare the apples. Slice them thinly.
  5. In a large mixing bowl, mix the sugar, flour, salt, spices, and apple slices. If the apples are not tart, add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
  6. Place the apple mixture in the pie crust and dot with butter. Place the top pie crust layer on top and crimp the edges.
  7. Make 1″ slits or with a fork in 3 or 4 places on top of the crust for steam vents. Sprinkle the top crust with large crystal decorator’s sugar for a professional look.
  8. Bake at 400°F for 50 minutes.
  9. Cool on a rack to let set prior to serving warm or at room temperature.

This recipe is easy to follow and will produce a delicious, old-fashioned apple pie that is sure to impress your family and friends. The combination of tart apples, warm spices, and flaky crust is the perfect dessert for any occasion. Serve it warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or enjoy it at room temperature with a cup of coffee or tea. Either way, this apple pie recipe is a classic that you’ll want to make again and again.

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