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There’s nothing parents appreciate more than to see the look on their children’s faces when they’ve made an accomplishment. This fall season, help your kids have a successful fundraiser using pastry puffins or butter hearts! Today, we will focus on three ways you can support your children with their Pastry Puffins + ButterHearts Fundraiser and meet their goal!

Set a clear goal and make a plan.

Before the fundraiser officially begins, and your child starts selling, work out a goal of exactly how many units they desire to sell. Looking at the incentives for each fundraiser, they most likely will have a number in mind for a certain product they’d like to buy or a cash prize they want to reach. Set an achievable goal, and then create a plan of how they want to achieve those many units.

Additionally, it will be good to manage expectations, explaining to your children that not everyone will buy, and that is perfectly OK. The main point is to be doing their best and having fun while supporting the cause.

Practice the Art of Persuasion.

Selling for a school fundraiser can help your children learn valuable skills to set them up for success. You might want to teach them some tips on how to approach potential buyers politely and confidently. Some of these tips might include smiling and making eye contact, coming up with a compelling pitch, and making sure they show gratitude, thanking everyone whether they make a purchase or not.

Utilize Social Media + Their Contacts.

If you have social media (or your child does), using platforms like Facebook or Instagram can be a catalyst to your child’s success! Create an event on Facebook or a few posts to your Instagram Story to let your family and friends know that your family is participating a fundraiser. Sharing pictures of pastry puffins and butter hearts can help get everyone excited! Make sure to use our social media accounts which have ample content on the behind-the-scenes of the pastries themselves. @butterhearts_ @pastrypuffins @dutchlandfundraising. 

Supporting your children during their school fundraiser is a great opportunity to help them with valuable life skills. Helping your children  set clear goals, showing them valuable skills in talking to others and how to utilize social media for good, you can help them contribute to the success of their own achievement, and their schools!

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